Images must enhance, but also inform


The Olympic Games and other athletic events have always been a place for technological innovation. Digital technologies deserve particular attention in this context, because viewers are no longer watching shows and events only on their TV, and this trend will only increase in the future. With more and more channels and screens (at home, on the go, inside stadiums, etc.), there are more and more opportunities to produce augmented content.
Public venues such as sports arenas are embracing the digital age, as new tools enable them to keep their audience entertained before and during the main event. Live shows and athletic events have become high-stakes events, from both a financial and technical perspective.

An entire day featuring five talks and a number of workshops, to learn all about the latest trends in this area. We have put together a series of talks and round tables in partnership with major players in the live show and sports industries. Whether for shows or sports, live events are an incredible opportunity to experiment with boosting creativity and highlighting, enhancing, and monetizing images.

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Constraints put the imagination into overdrive!” This is a mantra of legendary filmmaker Claude Lelouch, who received an honorary SATIS Trophy in 2019. Since then, we have been taking it to heart!

Ever since its inception, SATIS was built on showcasing experiences, feedback sessions, presentations, demonstrations… all of which are ingredients of traditional TV shows. This realization gave us an idea: what about a TV channel whose programs would reflect the great variety of topics covered at SATIS, and that takes advantage of the very technologies that our exhibitors promote?

SATIS TV is intended for French-speaking and international audiences. Talks are aired live, then made available as video on demand (VoD), which means the program schedule can be active year round.