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06 & 07 Novembre 2024
La Plaine Saint-DenisDocks de Paris | Grand Paris

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Starting last year, SATIS has been spread out over more than 7.000m2 of exhibitions, public areas, and auditoriums. The show floor in Dock Eiffel, which was inaugurated last year with some thirty exhibitors dedicated to virtual production, attracted lots of visitors. In 2024, Dock Eiffel will be even larger in order to accomodate more exhibitors and more different topics. SATIS, whose goal is to gather the various communities that up the AV industry, will have two new spaces in the area : Green For All et Radio Video For All.


Jobdating by SATIS

Radio Video For ALL

Green For All

Dock Pullman

The Dock Pullman, the centerpiece of SATIS, was home to a large number of exhibitors, including manufacturers and historical service providers. This dynamic space was the scene of numerous innovations, unveiled as previews to visitors eager to discover the latest technological advances.


SCREEN4ALL is a space dedicated to innovation, designed as a corner where innovative young companies present their revolutionary products and solutions. A veritable showcase for start-ups, this space highlights the innovations that will shape the future of industry.

Here, talented entrepreneurs share their visionand expertise, offering visitors a glimpse of emerging trends and the most promising technological advances. Whether you're looking for new opportunities , inspiration or partnerships, this space is the ideal place to explore tomorrow's innovations.


The Thema rooms on the upper floor of Dock Pullman are key areas of SATIS. This is where a large of the experts panels takes place, offering complete immersion in our industry's most current and innovative topics. The four conference rooms host keynotes and various panels experts, presented by renowned experts. To encourage exchanges, a Lounge area is also available with the VIP program. This convivial space enables exhibitors and VIP visitors to meet, discuss and forge professional links.


Continuing its partnership with the AV User Club, SATIS 2024 will feature a new 300 m2 area on the second floor of Dock Pullman.

With its exhibition and presentation rooms, the AV User Club Area will be an innovative experiential space. Manufacturers and partners will present their latest solutions in rooms where their products can be demonstrated in optimal conditions. Exhibitors will also be able to showcase their new products during interactive workshops.

Dock Eiffel

The exhibition on the Dock Eiffel, inaugurated last year with some thirty exhibitors and a focus on virtual production. In 2024, the dock will be futher expanded to accomodate new exhibitors and themed areas. SATIS, whose aim is to bring together the different audiovisual communities, will feature two new areas: Green For All and Radio Video For All


A unifying medium, radio is continuing to evolve : this evolution includes technologies such as DAB+, but also the development of AV content production.

Radio stations are turning to video in order to diversify and broaden their audience. SATIS alrealdy attracts many leaders in this industry, as well as a community of influencers: the 2024 edition will include a full offering for radio professionals to discover, in a single place, all the hardware they need to take the next step in their AV evolution.

This new space will be complemented by a conference program focusing on innovation and the future of filmed radio.


Each year, SATIS deploys exceptional resources to promote its talks, exhibitors, and experts, with dozens of reports and filmed talks made available as videos and podcasts. The 2024 show will be no exception !

In addition to the filmed talks, and for certain live-streamed talks, SATIS 2024 will deploy a team of field journalists who will produce live reports from the exhibition area that will immediately be displayed on screens throughout the show. This reporting initiative TV and radio studio with interviews of guests, speakers and exhibitors.


SATIS continues its commitment for environmental responsibility, developing its series of talks on this topic and creating a new exhibition area in which companies active in this field can present their innovative products and services for carbon footprint reduction.

There are more and more products, services, and initiatives that can help limit carbon emissions, but the offers are not always clear and they often seem scattered. SATIS can gather in a single place all companies that innovate in terms of environmental impact: this is the Green For All village, which will also be dedicated to information and discovery.


The Agora 2 conferene room will be located in the Dock Eiffel, in a larger configuration to accommodate listeners with enhanced comfort.

Conferences in this room, like those in Agora 1 in the Dolk Haussmann, will be filmed in multi-camera, and the content will feed the SATIS TV channel.

Dock Haussman

To enhance catering for visitors and exhibitors, SATIS is introducing new fast-food options. Several food outlets will be offering a variety of on-the-go meals to suit all needs. In addition, SATIS is offering the second edition of "Job Dating by SATIS", to be held in the hall over two days, enabling professionals to meet recruiters and discover new career opportunities.


With recruiting for the AV industry becoming increasingly challenging, SATIS 2023 created its first Jobdating event - a first in the AV and broadcast industry ! Businessesnhad the opportunity to submit job postings and meet applicants in a dedicated section of the venue. This "hybrid" format promotes interactions with prepared and qualified applicants.

2023: 300 scheduled interviews and 26 companies recruiting

Following up on its successful, the Jobdating event will be back for SATIS 2024, this time for two days. Based on the feedback provided by recruiting on the first edition, the event's app will be updated to make it easier for companies to edit and manage their scheduled interviews. It will also enable sending e-mail alerts and offer more interactivity with the schedule; in addition, applicants will be required to provide a resume and confirm their interviexs twice in order to limit no-shows. This job dating event shows that SATIS'S organizers are committed to helping professionals connect with one another; with the industry currently facing recruitement challenges, it can even be said to promote CSR.


We are committed to offering our visitors and exhibitors healthy, high-quality catering based on fresh, seasonal produce. Monsieur Jacques' contemporary homemade cuisine is rich in taste and color, bringing well-being and comfort to all. We follow Monsieur Jacques' philisophy: "If you eat well, you feel well". The chefs are ready to adapt to all your requests, whether for vegan, gluten-free or other options.

Take advantage of our catering services at SATIS and discover a culinary experience that will make your participation even more enjoyable.