SATIS, the leading event for audiovisual technologies, launched SATIS TV at its 2020 event, offering the 1st event channel dedicated to the sector.


The concept quickly met with a favourable response, especially as the convergence of video and IT means that the community has many high-performance products and services to present and new uses to demonstrate…


« Since its creation 39 years ago, SATIS has been based on highlighting experiences, exchanging information, presentations and demonstrations... Ingredients that we find every day on traditional TV channels, so the idea was born : why not envisage a thematic channel with a programme schedule that reflects the variety  of our issues while taking advantage of the technologies that our exhibitors offer ? »
Stephan Faudeux
CEO - Génération Numérique & SATIS

This is how the SATIS TV project was born, a channel offering a genuine programm schedule with multiple formats under the banner of exchange and diversity of content… Networking tools via the website will encourage meetingd between participants (live chat and videoconference appointments possible).   


SATIS TV will provide a broad overview of trends in the audiovisual, broadcast, cinema, communication and integration industries, with live and recorded programmes, on-site reports, interviews on technical and creative subjects (cinema, documentaries, animation) and workshops (product presentations). The backbone of the channel is based on the event’s conferences, the initial unifying element.



Visitors who can’t make it to the event can attend a series of round-table discussions and presentations of new products and services.  




The programme schedule will be available all year round after the event, since the content will then be available on VOD, and the channel will appeal to an international French-speaking audience.


Movee noir


Since its creation over ten years ago, Génération Numérique has produced hundreds of video interviews, produced the SATIS conferences and launched the SATIS TV channel. The Moovee platform gives visibility to this content with a single access point for the community…


Moovee allows free replay of all video content for the websites of the two BtoB magazines (Mediakwest & Sonovision) and the conferences of the last two editions of the Salon des Technologies de l’Image et du Son.

« Moovee embodies a BtoB audiovisual medium that we wanted to be both qualified and qualitative » 
Stephan Faudeux
CEO - Génération Numérique

Brands can associate their visibility with the Moovee video platform via a targeted offer (broadcasting of informative video programmes, advertising films, sponsorship of sections, etc.).



When the platform was launched, over 300 items of content were already available. The platform was developed in collaboration with the French company Okast.


In addition to the content already produced for Mediakwest, Sonovision and SATIS TV, the platform also offers a video magazine: Avance Rapide



This new video magazine, produced by Génération Numérique, gives a voice to professionals and highlights certain sectors of the audiovisual industry that are often left in the shadows. The magazine, which can be consumed in a linear fashion or in sections, features five sections: News, Backstage, Focus, Happy Hour and The Lab, which look at content production through the prism of technology from different angles.



Fichier 1@300x

Rapid Advance, instructions for use…

Presents new products, services or trade fair visits;

Features a discussion with a panel of experts about an innovation, a market trend or an event;

Offers a behind-the-scenes look at a company, product or service launch;

In this section, a professional talks about a project, a programme, a film or a new product, and shares his or her personal thoughts;

Presents a test bed, a product test or goes into detail on a technical point. Labs are an opportunity to meet a specialist. They illustrate in detail a subject, a use… and give a precise and understandable insight for all. Popularising without distorting, being demanding and friendly – that’s the Lab’s DNA !