GÉNÉRATION NUMÉRIQUE, a limited liability company with a capital of €1,500, registered in France under the number RCS Nanterre 802 762 054 and whose head office is located at 55, rue Henri Barbusse – 92190 Meudon – France is the owner of the SATIS SCREEN4ALL website, accessible at http://www.satis-expo.com (hereinafter “the Website”).


The Website’s managing editor is Mr. Stéphan FAUDEUX, the managing director of GÉNÉRATION NUMÉRIQUE.


These Terms of Use (hereinafter “the ToU”) regulate the use of and access to the Website. The User acknowledges the contents of the ToU and agrees to abide by them. The ToU are presumed to have been accepted without reservation. The applicable ToU are those that were in force and published on the Website when the User visited it. GÉNÉRATION NUMÉRIQUE reserves the right to change the ToU at any time; the publication of the updated version constitutes in itself a notification to the User.




2.1 – Access: Access to the Website at http://www.satis-expo.com is open and free, requires no prior registration, and its Content may be browsed freely. By using the Website, the User agrees to abide by the ToU without reservation. The User may access the Website at any time without interruption, except in case of force majeure or during technical maintenance.


2.2 – Use: The User agrees to make non-commercial use the services, for the sole purposes of information. The User agrees not to use other services and technologies that may disrupt, hinder and/or prevent the Website’s normal operation. Should the User violate any of the obligations laid down in the ToU, SATIS SCREEN4ALL reserves the right to suspend or terminate the User’s account without notice, and/or block their access to the service. SATIS SCREEN4ALL may, in addition, initiate legal proceedings against the User.


  • 2.3 – Website presentation: SATIS SCREEN4ALL offers its Users: a professional information service related to the trade show: news, special reports, etc.;
  • an area dedicated to innovation prizes;
  • a web TV;

The Website’s Content is published by SATIS SCREEN4ALL’s editorial staff.


The Website makes video players available to Users, enabling them to play and/or export video content. Unless otherwise agreed by GÉNÉRATION NUMÉRIQUE, video content may only be exported onto personal website and published for non-professional purposes. Users therefore agree not to reproduce, copy, sell, modify, trade, or exploit—for commercial purposes or against payment—all or part of the video content.




Users are invited to read the Privacy Policy, which can be freely accessed on the Website in the “Privacy Policy” section




SATIS SCREEN4ALL makes its best efforts to publish quality Content. However, SATIS SCREEN4ALL is not liable for Content that it has not directly created or produced.


As a result, SATIS SCREEN4ALL guarantees the User:

  • that its Content does not infringe upon the privacy or persons and/or their own image rights and/or those of their belongings,
  • that the Content includes nothing that could be viewed as contrary to public order or to morality, defamatory, or offensive to third parties,
  • that the Content does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of third parties,
  • that the Sources have secured permission from rights holders to publish the Content.




GÉNÉRATION NUMÉRIQUE is subject to an obligation of means regarding the services provided on the Website AND through its publications. GÉNÉRATION NUMÉRIQUE makes its best efforts to ensure the quality of the information it publishes. However, the Content on the Website only reflects its author’s views. In addition, GÉNÉRATION NUMÉRIQUE is not liable to Users for any malfunction or interruption of the Website’s availability as a result of force majeure as defined in article 1218 of the French Civil Code or of a User’s violation of the ToU.


As a result, SATIS SCREEN4ALL is not liable for messages, information, or content that it has not created directly or produced, including in terms of reliability or relevance.


Similarly, any agreement made between a User and an advertiser on the Website shall only bind said User and advertiser, and not SATIS SCREEN4ALL.


As a result, SATIS SCREEN4ALL is not liable for direct, indirect, or accessory damages, nor for losses resulting from the User’s use of—or inability to use—the Website, its alteration, or other User’s behavior.




SATIS SCREEN4ALL reserves the right to suspend access to the Website and/or certain of its features, or to terminate without notice, with no other formalities or compensation, by e-mail or regular mail, the User’s access in the following cases:


  • if a User infringes upon the intellectual property rights of SATIS SCREEN4ALL and/or a third party;
  • in the event of a loss, misuse, or unauthorized or fraudulent use of a User’s credentials;
  • if a User violates their obligations as defined in these ToU.


SATIS SCREEN4ALL reserves the right to suspend access to the Website at any time, temporarily or permanently. In the event of a permanent suspension, the User will be notified by SATIS SCREEN4ALL by any means necessary.




SATIS SCREEN4ALL is not liable for failing to fulfill its obligations due to force majeure as defined in jurisprudence. Force majeure events include, but are not limited to: war, acts of terrorism, invasion, blockades, sabotage, vandalism, strike, inclement weather, events officially declared as natural disasters, fire, and epidemics.




The User acknowledges that SATIS SCREEN4ALL may update these ToU at any time. All changes become effective immediately after they are published on the Website.




These ToU are governed by French law.


Any dispute relating to the interpretation and enforcement of these ToU shall be submitted to the appropriate French courts.